405 Airport Parking for LAX International Airport | Reserve Parking Online | Los Angeles ( CA )

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How often do the shuttles run to and from LAX?

Shuttle service is provided for all guests every 25-30 minutes.

2. Where do I park when I enter 405 Airport Parking?

Enter the structure, proceed straight and continue on to find any available parking on levels 5 through 8.

3. How do I catch a shuttle from 405 Airport Parking to LAX?

Once you have parked, proceed to level 1 with your luggage. The shuttle service waiting area is to the left of the entrance.

4. How do I catch a shuttle at LAX back 405 Airport Parking?
Once you have obtained your luggage, proceed outside on Level 2/Departure wait under the red sign marked “Hotel / Private Parking Shuttles”. Then proceed to call our shuttle dispatch service at 310.216.0845 or text “pick up” with your terminal number to 310.439.5335. You may then want to track the arrival time of the shuttle by downloading the free Ride Systems app.
5. How can I receive a discount on my parking?
Reserve parking in advance via 405airportparking.com to receive discount rates parking. Follow us on facebook and Yelp where we offer special promotion and access codes. Also, sign-up for our email offers by contacting us directly.
6. What is the height restriction for the structure?

Clearance is 6’ 5”.

7. Do I need to pull a ticket if I made a reservation online?

Yes, everyone who enters the parking structure will need to pull a ticket. Upon exit you will present your ticket and printed reservation (if you made a reservation) to the parking attendant.

8. Who do I call if I have a question regarding the reservation I made on 405airportparking.com?
Call guests services at 1.866.330.7275.
405 Airport Parking for LAX International Airport | Reserve Parking Online | Los Angeles ( CA )